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Shauna Bierly


30 minutes - $25 45 minutes - $35 60 minutes - $45

Shauna Bierly is passionate about arts education and believes creating music is a crucial aspect of personal and intellectual growth. Offering piano lessons at Upbeat Music, she is excited to help children and adults journey through the inspiring world of music. 

Shauna’s abilities range from solo classical piano and accompanying to improvising renditions of pop songs and choreographing “musical katas” (martial arts through music). A graduate of Duke University, she has studied piano and music composition in the U.S. and Vienna, Austria. She has held a private piano studio, mentored young musicians at the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival, and served as a guest speaker/performer for undergraduate arts festivals and open houses at Duke. In 2018, she directed her own ensemble and premiered her first major original composition, MemoriALZ—music about a life with Alzheimer’s Disease. She was awarded the Henry Schumann Prize in Music Composition for this work and highest distinction in the music major for her senior piano recital of Haydn, Chopin and Debussy. A former homeschooler, Shauna grew up in Monterey, California and on the coast of North Carolina. She was involved in a variety of artistic outlets—ballet, martial arts, painting, knitting—which she believes have all shaped her identity as a musician.